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Kappa Tetarton Alumni Association

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

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Scholarship Fund

Kappa Tetarton Foundation Scholarship Fund


Brothers of Kappa Tetarton, 

The Kappa Tetarton Foundation is pleased to announce that we have received final confirmation from the I.R.S., that we are approved for Tax-Exempt status under 501(a) for a organization described in section  501 (c ) (3). 

This status will allow us to accept donations from our Alumni and allow those contributors to claim the donations on their taxes.  The sole purpose of the Kappa Tetarton Foundation is for the educational betterment of the undergraduate members of the Kappa Tetarton Chapter.  We will provide partial scholarships for the purchase of textbooks or tuition expenses. These scholarships will be given twice a year.  Scholarship awards will be based upon grade point average and take into consideration the applicant's dedication to our Cardinal Principles.  In addition to scholarships, the Foundation may provide funds to the Chapter for conventions, conclaves, leadership schools and other educational activities.

We are still seeking brothers that are interested in serving on the Kappa Tetarton Foundation Board of Directors. Scholarships,  Brothers that are interested in serving as treasurer or in any other capacity, please contact us.  This is a new adventure for us, so anyone that is familiar with the IRS paperwork and accounting necessary to manage the Foundation, we would be grateful for your services.

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage all Alumni of Kappa Tetarton to donate to the Foundation.


Keo Sabengsy KT 677

Rob Samolinski KT 658 

The Kappa Tetarton Foundation
C/O Robert Samolinski
5695 Collier Creek RD.
Tamaroa, IL 62888
(618) 496-3604 


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  Kappa Tetarton
  Alumni Association

  c/o Patrick Fornes
  548 Chapel Lake Dr. Apt 301
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