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Kappa Tetarton Alumni Association

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

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Board Members

Brothers of Kappa Tetarton,

Please feel free to contact us to discuss issues or for information about our upcoming events.

Thank you and Damn Proud!
Alumni Association Board 2007 - 2009

Listed below, are the Kappa Tetarton Alumni Association Board of Directors for 2007 to 2009.  They will make every effort to make decisions within the consensus of all Alumni members wishing to participate.

  Executive Director:  Matthew Heinzel

  Director of Administration:  Michael J. Brown

  Director of Communications: Ronald Yak

  Director  of Finance: Patrick L. Fornes


Mailing Address

  Kappa Tetarton
  Alumni Association

  c/o Patrick Fornes
  548 Chapel Lake Dr. Apt 301
  Virginia Beach, VA 23454

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