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Kappa Tetarton Alumni Association

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

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Phi Sig Auction Watch

This addition to the website stemmed from our successful re-acquisition of a 1967 Kappa Tetarton - Spring Formal Paddle.  This paddle, wound up in an antique mall.  It cost us a total of $111 to win it on Ebay.   So, without further ado, here are Phi Sig Items currently on the auction block.


Click here for Phi Sigma Kappa Items listed on Ebay


The Alumni Association would like to make a request of it's members. If anyone possesses, or knows of anyone in possession of Kappa Tetarton property, could you please see that it is returned to the Association so that it may be restored to the chapter?

These items not only symbolize 45 years of history, but they also represent the goals and achievements of our founding fathers, as well as the seven hundred and forty rest of us.

These items may be returned with no questions asked, and no judgments made. We greatly appreciate the Kappa Tet family showing the integrity that they always have, especially regarding this matter.

Damn Proud!

Please send items to:

c/o Michael J. Brown 
The Kappa Tetarton Alumni Association
4804 NE 79th St
Kansas City, MO. 64119


Mailing Address

  Kappa Tetarton
  Alumni Association

  c/o Patrick Fornes
  548 Chapel Lake Dr. Apt 301
  Virginia Beach, VA 23454

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