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Kappa Tetarton Alumni Association

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

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  • Undergrads Raise $5000 for fellow Greek

    Bethany KrajelisDaily Egyptian It was a Friday afternoon, and Erica Oldani and her parents took a trip to Springfield. It was not a trip Oldani had been looking forward to. At 6:30 a.m. the next morning, Oldani awoke from the sound of the telephone ring...
  • Kappa Tet Alumni Association Receives Award at 59th General Convention

    Kappa Tetarton Alumni Association Recognized for efforts during the 59th.  Phi Sigma Kappa General Convention! The Grand Council of Phi Sigma Kappa recognized the members of the Kappa Tetarton Alumni Association during the closing banquet of the 59th Ph...
  • Kosovo School Supplies Project

    Kosovo School Supplies Project - 8/21/2003 The Kappa Tetarton Alumni Association, Inc. Brothers of Kappa Tet, Brother Robert A. Kalusa, KT 665, is currently serving with an Army Civil Affairs unit in Kosovo.  Through his work with Civil Affairs, Rober...
  • Summer Meet 2003 Recap

    Summer Meet 2003 Recap Thank you to all of the Phi Sigs who were able to attend Summer Meet this year.  Saturday proved to be a great time, and except for a mild rain shower that lasted all of 20 minutes, the weather was perfect.  Kappa Tet alums and ...
  • Summer Meet 2003

    Summer Meet 2003 Calling all Kappa Tet Alumni, family and friends of Phi Sig!  We look forward to hosting our third Alumni gathering, and seeing old friends again.  In just over two years, the Alumni Association has come a long way in bringing our fami...
  • Kappa Tetarton Chapter Re-Chartered

    On Saturday April 12, 2003, Jay Stanley representing the Grand Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa inducted twenty-five undergraduates and one alumni initiate into the brotherhood of Phi Sigma Kappa.  This historic moment thus ended the painful five-year hiatus o...
  • National Expansion Director Meets with Colony

    Kappa Tetarton Colony Membership Stands at 24 National Expansion Director Meets with Colony February 05, 2003 The Kappa Tetarton Colony currently has a membership of 24 Associates, with 2 additional men to be associated in the near future.  This bodes ...
  • Kappa Tetarton Chapter 45th Reunion Recap

    Front Row: Keo Sabengsy, Matthew GregoryBack Row: Joe Carberry, Robert Samolinski, Pat Fornes, Larry Strickert, Roger Bush, Michael May, Michael J. Brown  On October 26, 2002, 7 Phi Sigs were inducted as Honorary Alpha Sigma Epsilon's.  In reviving a l...
  • 2001 - 2002 archives

    These last remaining links will be added to the new archive as soon as possible.Kappa Tetarton's 45th Reunion Banquet PlanningThe Kappa Tetarton Chapter will celebrate 45 years of brotherhood. Colony Members and Alumni Gather for Big Brother NightBig Bro...

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