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Kappa Tetarton Alumni Association

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

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2001 - 2002 archives

These last remaining links will be added to the new archive as soon as possible.

Kappa Tetarton's 45th Reunion Banquet Planning

The Kappa Tetarton Chapter will celebrate 45 years of brotherhood.

Colony Members and Alumni Gather for Big Brother Night
Big Brothers chosen for Colony Associates.

Kappa Tetarton Re-Colonized, What Next?
Where do we go from here?

Colony Grabs Daily Egyptian Headlines
Positive headlines for a change.

Retreat Opens Dialogue
Alumni Association Board and Colony meet to discuss future, and understand the past.

Kappa Tetarton Re-Colonized
Grand Chapter re-colonizes  Kappa Tetarton Chapter after  three year absence from campus.

Alumni Association Charter Granted
Grand Chapter approves Kappa Tetarton Alumni Association's application for alumni club charter.

A Piece of Kappa Tet Comes Home
A piece Kappa Tetarton's legacy finds it's way home.

Alumni Association Incorporates
Not for Profit incorporation provides legal status.


Mailing Address

  Kappa Tetarton
  Alumni Association

  c/o Patrick Fornes
  548 Chapel Lake Dr. Apt 301
  Virginia Beach, VA 23454

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