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Kappa Tetarton Alumni Association

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

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Kappa Tetarton Chapter 45th Reunion Recap

Front Row: Keo Sabengsy, Matthew Gregory
Back Row: Joe Carberry, Robert Samolinski, Pat Fornes, Larry Strickert, Roger Bush, Michael May, Michael J. Brown 

On October 26, 2002, 7 Phi Sigs were inducted as Honorary Alpha Sigma Epsilon's.  In reviving a long lost tradition, the top associate each semester will earn the honor of induction as an honorary Alpha Sig.  During the reunion, a one-time exception was made, to allow for the induction of the Alumni Association board who have worked very hard to bring this Association to fruition.  The inductees are very honored and grateful.  Thank you, to Brothers Strickert and Bush who presided over the ceremony, and to the founders who have so honored the inductees.
Brothers of Kappa Tetarton,
First, I would like to thank everyone one who attended the reunion. Without your presence, this wonderful event would not have been possible.

The 45th Anniversary banquet of the Kappa Tetarton Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa was a success beyond all expectations. I am humbled that so many of you have given us the chance to prove that the Kappa Tetarton Colony and its Alumni Association are serious in their efforts to return an Active chapter to SIU. Just as important, are our efforts to return and maintain for all time that deeply meaningful bond of brotherhood we formed as undergraduates. As an Alumni Association, our goals are still Brotherhood Scholarship and Character. However, our focus is to instill those values in the young men who comprise Kappa Tetarton today. Thank you to all that attended, especially the Founding Fathers who have given so much already through the years, but still refuse to let the dream they gave life to fade away.

Friday evening brought the Alumni brothers of Kappa Tetarton together for the first time in decades. The evening provided a chance to catch up on years of events over dinner, or to meet new friends and listen to stories of "Phi Sig days gone by" while having a few drinks. Saturday morning as we assembled for the golf scramble, the weather took a turn for the worse, and discouraged a few from playing. However, the bulk of the group pressed on and the rain eventually subsided after a few holes. With all of the hackers out there, many of us were relieved to come to the 9th hole. Though slightly cold and wet, the tournament provided a good time for all.

Saturday evening arrived after months of planning with great anticipation. Though the hotel, and the bulk of its staff, were less than professional the evening was magical. The Colony members conducted a silent auction, and the several Alumni graciously donated items of historical and sentimental value such as dated glasses cups and paddles to the Association for future display in the Colony home. In addition, Larry Strickert provided the Association with his Alpha Sigma Epsilon pin, and Roger Bush, and Terry Watson donated for posterity their Phi Sigma Kappa badges, pledge pins, and other items. We are grateful for their willingness to part with these items so that the undergraduate members of Kappa Tetarton may be for all time personally connected to these men who forged a legacy consistent with their value to be passed on for generations to come.

After a wonderful meal, Larry Strickert provided a keynote address that brought back memories and served as an inspiration to all that what we aspire to do is a worthy cause. He reminisced of the dream that became Alpha Sigma, transformed into Alpha Sigma Epsilon, and eventually became Phi Sigma Kappa. He spoke of the values and beliefs that Phi Sigma Kappa stood for, and challenged alumni to stay true to those ideals and the colony to aspire to them. Following his address, Larry and Roger made an unexpected special presentation. Holding true to the traditions of Alpha Sigma Epsilon, one outstanding man in each pledge class is to be conferred with the special degree of honorary Alpha Sigma Epsilon. Unfortunately, that tradition had been lost over the years. To this date 40 men were awarded that honor. This weekend, the founding fathers reintroduced that tradition. However, on this one occasion, and this one occasion only, the rules were relaxed to allow the induction of the Seven alumni board members. This honor was a moving experience that left the inductees without words sufficient enough to express the honor they feel to be part of such a group of men. The evening wrapped up with the singing of a few songs, and the party moved on to the hotel bar for serious conversation, and jovial banter.

On Sunday morning, over juice and donuts, the Association called to order its first official meeting. Nearly all of the 40 brothers who attended the dinner were present. The meeting began with a great slideshow presentation of photographs by Roger Bush. During the course of the meeting we discussed ways to fund the Association, plans for undergraduate housing, an undergraduate scholarship, Association membership, and future alumni events. Several members made it clear that they were willing to assist with donations to the Association once the its non-profit status with the Federal government had been worked out. Larry Strickert made a motion, which was seconded by Max Malone, that membership to the Alumni Association remain open to all, but a $25 yearly membership fee be required for those who wish to remain voting members. The motion carried without objection.

In closing, the weekend was a great success. Not only did we as Phi Sigs renew our common bond, but also the Colony gained an understanding of what they have to look forward to as Phi Sigs. Make no mistake, the Kappa Tetarton Colony, and the Kappa Tetarton Alumni Association are very serious about their goals, and look forward to maintaining lifelong relationships with its members.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible, and it is our hope that several hundred more of our brothers decide that it is time to welcome back Phi Sig, and its cardinal principles of Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Character into their lives.

Respectfully submitted,

The Kappa Tetarton Alumni Association Board of Directors


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