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Kappa Tetarton Alumni Association

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

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National Expansion Director Meets with Colony

Kappa Tetarton Colony Membership Stands at 24 National Expansion Director Meets with Colony

February 05, 2003

The Kappa Tetarton Colony currently has a membership of 24 Associates, with 2 additional men to be associated in the near future.  This bodes well for our march towards chartering.  Recently the Grand Chapter expansion director visited SIUC to consult with the Colony on their progress.  During this visit, there was talk of a tentative chartering date in April.  Though nothing is final just yet, we are one step closer in realizing our goal of bringing Kappa Tet back to SIU Carbondale.  Among other criteria, The Grand Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa has consistently held that it would like to see Colony membership stand at 30 men in order to qualify for Re-Chartering.

The exceptional men of the Kappa Tetarton Colony have done an outstanding job over the last 2 years of displaying their deep commitment to our Cardinal Principles of Brotherhood, Scholarship and Character.  It goes without saying that without their hard work and sacrifice, we would be mourning Kappa Tetarton's past, not inspired by its future.

A word of thanks is also appropriate to all of you, the Alumni, who have given your time, your money, and your hearts to this cause and this fraternity.  The day Phi Sigma Kappa counted you among it's ranks was a day of great pride.  We all look forward to the day which these young men will be inducted into our brotherhood and carry on the legacy of Kappa Tetarton for generations to come.

A very special thank you goes out to Matt and Keo, our Colony Advisors for their willingness to shoulder this endeavor, and to the Alumni board who gathered in a dark corner of a bar 15 months ago and resolved to establish and grow our Alumni Association.

Damn Proud!


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