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Kappa Tetarton Alumni Association

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

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Kappa Tetarton Chapter Re-Chartered

On Saturday April 12, 2003, Jay Stanley representing the Grand Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa inducted twenty-five undergraduates and one alumni initiate into the brotherhood of Phi Sigma Kappa.  This historic moment thus ended the painful five-year hiatus of the Kappa Tetarton chapter from SIUC.  Thirteen members of the Epsilon Tau Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa located at Ball State University conducted the induction ceremony.  

Our hats are off, and we thank these gentlemen for their great knowledge of, and respect for the ritual.  Thank you also to the Grand Chapter, and especially to Grand Council Members Jay Stanley and Todd Simpson.  The Kappa Tetarton Alumni would like to express a great deal of gratitude for the support and determination Scott showed in making the dreams come true for 26 new members of our brotherhood, and our 700+ alumni.

Larry Strickert, KT # 13 / ASE # 1, and Michael May KT # 682, in a solemn ceremony before those in attendance at the re-chartering banquet, bestowed the high honor of an Alpha Sigma Epsilon (ASE) on William E. Archer, KT # 802.  The honorary ASE title is conferred upon that one associate who has best shown his commitment to his fraternity, campus and academics during his period of association.  Bill is the son of Richard Archer, KT # 145.

Jay Stanley handed out the following awards to newly initiated brothers:

Brotherhood Award - Ben Stroetzel

Scholarship Award - Michael Rarity

Character Award - William Stillwell

The Banquet was a great success.  It brought many old friends together and provided to an opportunity to many the many new brothers and their families.  Aside from the Alumni Association board, alumni in attendance included Larry Strickert, Rodney Reid, Rod Rodeghiero, Richard Archer, Pete Sahm, Dave Shifflett and John Shaw.  Ron Yak, KT # 800 earned the honor of receiving the low pin of the class.  He was initiated earlier in the day and 20 minutes later was administered his third degree obligation.  This distinction makes him the first Alumni member from the newly re-chartered chapter. 

Matthew Heinzel KT # 826 was also initiated.  He was bestowed the honor of an "alumni initiate" for his support and service to the Colony and Alumni for the last two years. 

Look for photos, a list of the new members and further information about the re-chartering within the next few days.

Damn Proud.


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