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103 Greek Row Demolished

Rachel Lindsay
Daily Egyptian

Two Greek Row houses fell victim to University Housing's Master Plan last month, as cleanup of the area continues to progress.

According to Phil Gatton, director of Plant and Service Operations, the demolition project for the vacant houses will continue for at least two more weeks. Although the last of the housing material is scheduled to be removed this week, dirt work and seeding will take more time, he said.

Gatton said the buildings, Barber Hall and Caldwell Hall, had been vacant for at least six years and were in too poor of a condition to renovate.

"Because of the way they were built, they just didn't retrofit very well," he said. "If we spent any money in there, we really wouldn't get anything out of them."

The houses' demolition comes as part of the University Housing Master Plan. The plan is a 15-year venture into improving the quality of student residences and includes numerous construction and renovation projects.

One of these projects is the relocation of Greek Row to a spot just west of its current position. According to the plan, the new halls will be customized for fraternities and sororities. Glenn Stine, deputy director for University Housing, said the new buildings would be located on the far side of the street where Student Health Services now sits.

Although it is too early for exact dates, he said it would be at least a couple of years before more of the plan can be implemented. However, he said buildings would be torn down shortly after they are vacated to make room for the new.

The first buildings to go would be those that currently house Student Health Services. The plan calls for the program to move into the new Student Recreation Center addition as soon as it is completed.

Cheryl Presley, director of Student Health Services, said the program hopes to break ground in June and the construction should take anywhere between 12 to 14 months to complete.

"We're hoping to move in over the summer, if it takes 12 months," she said. "And then it will be another couple of weeks to a month to move in."

Stine said he does not know when or where the other administrative functions will be moved.

The final part of the Master Plan calls for an extension of Thompson Point to be built in the place of the current Greek Row. The project will be in two phases, with space built for 400 beds each time. A dining hall will make the final addition to the "new" Thompson Point.

According to Stine, the project was part of the recommendations made by Brailsford and Duvlavey, a master planning company hired by the University to suggest ways to improve and add to student housing.

Stine said although there is a need for additional student housing, he could not put a timeframe on any of the project phases.


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