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Kappa Tetarton Alumni Association

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

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Chapter Report from William Van Giesen, KT 776

Phi Sigma Kappa Chapter Report

Well this is the last news letter of the year, I will probably be the Alumni chair next year. So plan on hearing from me again when school starts, or in the summer.

I brought this idea in front of the chapter, and they thought we might as well try it. We as the chapter is asking any type of donations that could be helpful so we will be able to go to the 50th in St. Louis. Does not have to be allot but anything will help, maybe cover our dinner or pay half the room price. We are thinking about getting 2 rooms and cramming everyone in. That is my idea and I would love to hear what you have to say about it.

Last week, we gain two more members, Dylan McDowell (KT 792 and Jason Kim (KT 793). We gained over 600 community service hours and we have a house. Thanks to Dylan McDowell for doing everything that was needed to find a house. The location is 609 Poplar St. (the Sigma Nu house) we plan to move in on August 1st! Thanks to Alex Dover for making a Chapter site (

We doubled our house size from last year and now we want to double our house size again. Which will happen if everyone does what they need to do for recruitment. This year was amazing, one of my best years as a Phi Sig, and I am Damn Proud of what we did. I know next year its going to be better with the 50th anniversary coming up, getting a house again, and now getting new members to be called a brother.

Damn Proud!
KT 776
William Van Giesen


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